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Workspace GoDaddy UK: Guide For Beginners

Last updated on December 21st, 2023 at 08:53 am

Workspace GoDaddy is the best solution for any business that wants to put its brand on the map. 

It offers you the email security solution you need for effective business communication and handles both Gmail and your GoDaddy email in real-time.

Your search for an effective communications platform for your business has come to a fruitful end. GoDaddy is an all-in-one solution where you can find all the resources you need, like GoDaddy email hosting, to grow your business and make those goals a reality.

 How about we start by looking at some more pros you will encounter when using GoDaddy. 

Advantages of Using Workspace GoDaddy

  • Affordable

It is one of the most affordable domains and email platforms with 99.9% uptime and 24/7 customer support at a normal price.

  • Streamline lock

This security feature secures crucial emails and other messages at the same time being very easy to manage. 

  • Real-time Security

Contains industry-leading spam filters with best-in-class security that prevents unwanted email and up to 300 billion spam from reaching your inbox every hour. You can use these filters at any time to boost security within the cloud infrastructure.

  • Keep your work organized

The inbuilt Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) synchronizes all your internet servers and devices hence organizing all your work. For example, you can conveniently share calendars. 

  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 customer support from award-winning service providers. GoDaddy’s vast resources from customer care, to online videos and a rich blog, will provide you with timely answers whenever you get stuck.
  • A resources0-day money-back guarantee allows you to test their services and continue with the subscription if you like the experience. You will always love it!

Features of Workspace GoDaddy

  1. Professional email address 

Workspace GoDaddy provides professional customized email addresses for your business. This type of email makes your business look more authentic and stable than a generic one. An example may look like [email protected]

  1. Data storage

Workspace GoDaddy has huge storage for all the important business emails. The account stores email securely with no hassles and can retain all the emails in the inbox even with the cleaning that is done regularly. 

  1. Email backup

The workspace email provides a high level of security for business emails and important messages. It also provides a backup option for the emails or messages they get deleted. 

  1. Great level of compatibility

You can access workspace GoDaddy using any device or operating system at any time. In addition, you can handle different email applications simultaneously.

  1. Outlook web application 

This feature offers a domain-based email and provides different subscription plans for Microsoft 365 depending on your needs. 

GoDaddy Email Hosting Pricing 

According to research, customers are more likely to trust professional emails 9 times more than generic ones. 

Investing in a professional email is a great strategy towards a thriving workspace GoDaddy. 

A domain-based email address will promote your business or company with every message and create the credibility that your brand deserves.  

Let us now explore the available GoDaddy email hosting pricing plans to help you find the most suitable one for your business. 

a). Email essentials

This is the most basic GoDaddy email hosting that goes for $3.66 per user per month for the first year. 

On renewal, you pay $5.99 per user per month. Paying a one-off for the three years plan gives you a chance to save up to 38% of the normal charges. 

 It offers the following:

  • 10 GB storage for emails, calendars, and contacts
  • Domain-based email 
  • Up to 400 email aliases 
  • Shared online calendars
  • Sync across all devices

b). Email plus

In case you need more storage space for your GoDaddy email hosting then this is the ideal plan for you. 

Most of the features in this plan are similar to the email plus plan with just the additional storage. 

The pricing is $4.92 per user per month for the first year and the renewal cost is $6.99 per user per month. 

Paying for a three-year term saves you up to 29% of the original charges. Here’s an outline of what you get from this package:

  • 50 GB storage for emails, contacts, and calendars
  • Sync across all devices 
  • Shared online calendars
  • Up to 400 email aliases 

c). Business premium

This GoDaddy email hosting is suitable for large businesses or companies that have vast amounts of communications. This plan complements workspace GoDaddy in a major way by providing all the tools one would need. 

You can purchase this service at only $12.32 per user per month for the first year. 

The renewal price is $15.99 per user per month and buying the 3-year term package can save you up to 22% of the original price. 

You definitely would want to know what this premium plan contains. Here we go:

  • 50 GB storage for email contacts and calendars
  • Domain-based email
  • Sync across all devices
  • Shared online calendars
  • Up to 400 email aliases
  • Office apps
  • The desktop version of Office apps of up to 5 PCs or Macs with an updated version of Word, Excel, Outlook, and more. 
  • Microsoft teams and host web conferences share and integrate with integrated office apps and more.
  • Secure online storage via OneDrive for Business
  • Manage appointments with bookings and stay organized with Outlook.
  • Online versions of Office apps to create and edit OneNote, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word docs from your browser. 
  • View and edit documents with office mobile apps on iOS, Android, or Windows devices.

Below is a summary of the GoDaddy email hosting we have discussed above.

Workspace GoDaddy

The prices indicated on the table above are discounted for the ongoing sale. 

Point to Note:

GoDaddy email hosting provides optional services for all the plans at an additional cost. These are:

  • Advanced email security at $4.99 per month and
  • Email backup at $2.99 per month.

In Conclusion

Growing your business with the current tech resources is the way to go! GoDaddy grows with you and meets your business’ very need to keep you growing maximizing profits. 

GoDaddy workspace is not only an efficient platform for organizing your work but also a great way of marketing your business. 

Check out the GoDaddy website here to get yourself a package that will take your business to the next level.