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The 3 Best Web Hosting Companies

Last updated on April 6th, 2024 at 07:12 am

Ideas and motivation come from anywhere. Websites are ideas that have been transformed. It means they need to be hosted. In this article, we’ll talk about web hosting companies.

We need websites each day, they ease transactions. Websites too save us from many inconveniences.

Websites also help our brand and showcase our work, products, services, and many others. They give us the best platform to expand.

A while ago web hosting companies weren’t common. Many even didn’t think of it as a business.

Going live those days was expensive. It wasn’t also that easy. Well, with technology these days you can go live for free.

These days also you don’t need to hire someone to create a website for you, you can do it yourself. 

The best thing is you can do it in under 10 minutes. Also, you don’t need to code or know how to design.

You just need to create an account and then drag and drop elements to get the desired design and start transactions. 

At OLITT all these can be accomplished easily. It’s a site builder that helps you get online without a hitch.

Before we get to web hosting companies, let’s get insights on web hosting.

What is web hosting?

It’s a service that allows your website to run. It allows you to store your website files and make sure it’s accessible all over the world.

It’s simply where your website lives. Web hosting is the service that allows one to publish a website or web application to the Internet.

There are many types of hosting:

1. Shared Hosting

In this hosting, all resources and servers are shared. This means a single server hosts multiple sites.

This is recommended for startups for it’s affordable and doesn’t need skills to set it up. It is also easy to manage.

2. VPS Hosting

This is different from shared. The server is the same but one gets an isolated space and separate resources.

This a bit expensive and can be used by growing businesses. It supports sudden surges in website traffic.

Grants one root privileges and one can manipulate the database. Also, it’s easy to allocate resources where they are needed.

Well, also requires a little technical know-how.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Well, this is the best hosting. It means you get the whole server and resources to yourself, no sharing.

There no chance of your sites being affected by surges. Also, you get to decide how much to allocate different elements.

This is expensive and also requires technical know-how. It’s recommended for huge companies dealing with real-time data.

There others like:

  • Cloud hosting
  • Collocation hosting 
  • Managed hosting
  • And many others.

What do web hosting companies offer?

1. Storage

They give you a place to place your website files. This means your website is accessible all over the world.

Keeps all you need for your website in one place. Allows one to post, share, edit, update and delete content easily.

It’s the shop and store for your website.

2. Security

Hosting providers keep your files safe. They provide security protocols for data and storage and also transmission.

A host also protects from unauthorized access. Ensures that people only access the required files and keeps out the rest.

3. Access

Many are able to view your website all over the world. One also able to transact with many clients at ease.

Guarantees that you reach many clients. These are few things a hosting offers, there are more you can get with web hosting.

What does web hosting cost?

Different web hosting companies have different hosting plans. Well, the best thing you can host as per your budget.

Free hosting also is available but is limited and has few resources. To get the best hosting one should know what their website needs.

Also, make sure to check on your budget and whether you get value for your money.

How to choose the best web hosting companies

Well, before choosing web hosting companies one needs to know what they get. Also, if they get value for their money.

One should the following:

1. Cost

How much does it cost to host with them? What other charges are required for the hosting? Once one is informed about this it’s easy to decide.

Also, this means checking about transfers, renewal of service, and money-back guarantee. Also, keep tabs on the cheapest plans and expensive plans.

Check whether you get value for what you pay for.

2. Bandwidth

It’s a property that allows people to access your site easily without it going down. It keeps your site running without hitches.

One should check on how much bandwidth they get from a particular plan. Whether it can support your website.

3. Upgrade options

One often begins with a cheap plan. As the website grows one gets to change that by upgrading to the next plan.

It’s crucial to make sure the web host has those plans included. Also, check on how flexible it is to change from a plan.

4. Features

Check on what you get for hosting with them. What do you get even after paying for the service?

Well, these can be broken into:

  • Can you host multiple domains?
  • How many emails can you use?

Make sure you get what you need for your website. 

5. Support 

Support is the one that helps you whenever you run into issues. Choose a host that is always available and ready to help you.

Websites run into issues and one needs the best. Checking reviews will let you know more about how good a host is.

Support is crucial for they help you be effective. Having the best host means you grow your website and business isn’t interrupted.

The web hosting companies

Here we’ll talk of the three best companies, their plans, cost, and the most bought plan.

1. Truehost

It’s started as an ICT company which has emerged to be the best. It’s offering the best services and prices for all.

Hosting has partnered with cPanel and Cloudlinux to make sure one goes live easily. Apart from hosting Truehost offers:

  • Web hosting services
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cloud licenses such as cPanel
  • VPS and Dedicated servers
  • And many others.

Here are Truehost plans:

PlanPriceWhat you get
Silver Cloud$2.00/Monthly
1 Max Websites Hosted
Unlimited Max Email Account
Unlimited Max Subdomains
Unlimited Bandwidth
30 GB Disk Space
Gold Cloud$4.00/MonthlyUnlimited Max Websites Hosted
Unlimited Max Email Account
Unlimited Max Subdomains
Unlimited Bandwidth
50 GB Disk Space

The silver plan is the common bought.

2. Truehost 

It is a web hosting company and a domain registrar company. Truehost provides the best services at affordable pricing.

Web hosting companies

They help everyone get their ideas online. Also, have the best support that is always ready to help whenever you run into issues.

Here are their plans.

PlanCostWhat you get
Bronze$0/month1 website
1 GB storage
1 GB Bandwidth
1 Email account
SilverKshs.1,499/year3 websites
30 GB storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email accounts
GoldKshs.3,499/year30 websites
50 GB storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email account
Platinum Kshs.9,499/yearUnlimited websites
90 GB storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email account
UnlimitedKshs.14,499/yearUnlimited websites
Unlimited storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email accounts

The Gold Hosting is the best-bought plan.

3. Webhost Kenya

It’s a premium service provider with reliable web hosting services. Here are their plans:

PlanCostWhat you get
Silver Kshs. 2,100/year30 GB storage
300GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited emails
Secure Weekly Backups
GoldKshs. 2,900/year50 GB storage
250 GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited emails
Secure Daily Backups
DiamondKshs. 5800 /half-year100GB Storage
750GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited emails
Secure Daily Backups
PlatinumKshs. 4095 /half-year80GB Storage
500GB Monthly Bandwidth
Unlimited emails
Secure Daily Backups

The gold hosting is the common bought.

These are competitive web hosting companies that provide the best services. Also, there are others like:

  • Kenya Website Experts
  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost 
  • Hostinger 
  • HostGator
  • And others.

Websites need hosting; getting the right web hosting companies is paramount. This will make sure you grow.