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How to Make $1000 a Week in the UK

Achieving a weekly income of £1000 from side hustles or a primary job may seem out of reach.

However, by combining multiple income streams or landing high paying work in certain fields, hitting this weekly earnings milestone is possible.

With determination and consistent effort, UK residents can develop their skills, leverage existing assets, and tap into lucrative opportunities to surpass £1000 of income each week.

This guide explores practical strategies like monetizing underutilized resources, freelancing, launching online businesses, creating content, gig economy platforms, and pursuing well-compensated careers.

Your income potential expands by diversifying income and identifying creative ways to generate value from your passions, knowledge, and possessions.

While reaching an average of £1000 weekly requires strategic planning and hard work, the payoff of greater financial freedom and options makes it an achievable goal worth pursuing.

By stacking multiple income streams or concentrating efforts on high income career paths aligned with your strengths, residents of the UK can overcome barriers and limitations to create the robust cash flow they seek.

With focus, grit and an open mind, earning £1000 a week or more is within reach.

Monetize Existing Assets

One way to start earning extra income is by monetizing resources and assets you already own. With some creativity, you can convert unused or underutilized possessions into cash flow avenues.

Rent Out Property

  • Have a spare room, basement or outbuilding? Renting it out on SpareRoom, Airbnb, or Vrbo generates cash.
  • Average weekly rental rates by UK region:
  • London – £200-500+
  • South East England – £150-300
  • Rest of UK – £100-200+
  • Screen tenants, manage cleaning/linens, market vacancies to maximize occupancy. Can earn thousands per year.

Rent Out Your Vehicle

  • Car rental platforms like Turo, Hiyacar let you rent out your extra vehicle.
  • Average weekly earnings are £200-500+ depending on vehicle type, location, and utilization.
  • Extra insurance, remote keyless access, parking considerations involved.

Rent Out Equipment

  • Construction tools, AV equipment, photography/video gear can all be rented out when not in use.
  • Sites like Fat Llama, Rent My Items, HireHop facilitate equipment rentals.
  • Set rental rates at 10-20% of item value per day or week.
  • Generates cash flow from idle assets between uses.

Sell Unwanted Items

  • Sell unused electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing and more on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Depop, etc.
  • Price slightly below comparable listings and auction formats help secure sales.
  • Photograph items, handle meetups or shipping, offer returns. Can earn hundreds.

Cash in Credit Card Rewards

  • Most points and miles programs let you redeem rewards as cash.
  • 25,000 points may equal £100-200+ depending on redemption rates.
  • Research best credit cards and maximize sign-up bonuses.

Converting unused spaces, vehicles, equipment and existing items into income quickly adds up.

Tap into peer-to-peer rental networks and marketplace platforms to monetize what you already have access to.


One of the fastest ways to start earning £1000+ per week is through freelancing. This involves selling your skills, knowledge and expertise to clients as an independent contractor.

Freelancing enables setting your own rates and schedules.

In-Demand Freelance Services

There is huge demand for talented freelancers across fields like:

  • Consulting – Strategy, operations, technology, HR, marketing
  • Tutoring – Academic subjects, music, sports, test prep
  • Writing – Marketing copy, blog posts, newsletters, technical writing
  • Design – Graphic design, web design, illustration, photography
  • Virtual Assistants – Data entry, research, scheduling, customer service

Leverage your experience and credentials to offer valuable niche services.

Useful skills like programming, bookkeeping, SEO, and project management are also lucrative.

Freelance Rates

Typical project or hourly rates for popular services:

  • Tutoring: £15-100 per hour
  • Writing: £30-100 per 500+ word piece
  • Graphic Design: £10-50 per hour
  • VA Services: £15-30 per hour
  • Consulting: £50-500 per hour

Increase rates as you build experience, reviews and specialty.

Platforms to Find Projects

  • Upwork, Fiverr – Largest freelance marketplaces. Must compete onproposals and reviews. Low rates initially.
  • LinkedIn, Twitter – Market services, connect directly with potential clients.
  • Job boards – Keep an eye out for freelance gigs.
  • Local networking – Tell people what you offer. Attend industry events.

With consistency and gradually increasing rates for regular clients, top freelancers make over £1000 weekly.

The freedom of freelancing outweighs the hustle of self-marketing and project management.

eCommerce Side Hustles

Starting an online store or selling products through e-commerce platforms also represents a way to make £1000+ per week, either part-time or scaling to full-time income levels.

Online Arbitrage

  • Source in demand products at clearance prices from sites like eBay and resell at higher prices.
  • Requires researching profitable niches, negotiating bulk deals, streamlining shipping.
  • £1000+ weekly revenue possible once scaled up.


  • Sell trending products without holding inventory. Orders ship directly from suppliers.
  • Choose niche products with high margins. Focus on marketing and branding.
  • Manage multiple supplier relationships and fulfillment issues.
  • Potential to earn £500-1500+ per week once established.

Handmade Products

  • Make and sell handmade crafts, art, jewelry, apparel and more through your own store.
  • Etsy, Folksy, Not on the High Street are popular maker platforms.
  • Photograph products, manage production, fulfill orders.
  • With consistency and marketing can consistently earn £500-1000+ per week.

Print on Demand

  • Upload original designs to platforms like Teespring, Redbubble, Society6.
  • Products print one at a time when ordered. Little upfront cost.
  • Drive traffic to product listings through social media, SEO.
  • Top sellers earn £500-2000+ per week in royalties.

Social Commerce

  • Market and sell products directly through social platforms.
  • Use Shopify integrations for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook shops.
  • Build engaged follower base, showcase products daily.
  • £500-1500+ weekly sales attainable over time.

Building niche online stores and leveraging marketplaces provides flexible ways to hit £1000 in weekly earnings.

Combining multiple ecommerce income streams speeds the path to replacing a full-time salary.

Content Creation

Generating high value content like videos, blogs, and social media posts offers another way to earn significant income. By building a loyal audience and monetizing content, creators can make £1000+ per week.

YouTube Videos

  • Publish entertaining clips on YouTube on a consistent schedule.
  • Make search-friendly content around topics people care about.
  • Insert paid product sponsorships and Google AdSense ads.
  • Top channels make £1000+ per week from ads and sponsorships alone once they achieve 100K+ subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Share affiliate links to products relevant to your audience. Earn sales commissions.
  • Focus on high ticket items with generous affiliate payouts.
  • Build trust to increase clicks and conversions.
  • Potential to earn £500-2000+ per week once scaled.


  • Write in depth articles and tutorials about helpful topics for your niche.
  • Insert affiliate links, sell ad space, promote own products.
  • Build search traffic and email subscribers over time.
  • Top blogs earn several thousand pounds per week.

Social Media Influencing

  • Develop highly engaging TikTok, Instagram, YouTube profiles with good following and content.
  • Get brand sponsorships, product gifting, affiliate revenue.
  • Consultants help negotiate 6 and 7 figure deals for top influencers.
  • £1000+ per week feasible with 100K+ engaged followers.

Self-Publish Books

  • Write and self-publish ebooks or print books through Kindle Direct, CreateSpace, Lulu, etc.
  • Promote books heavily around launch. Focus on evergreen topics.
  • Earning £1000+ weekly requires regularly releasing new books that sell several thousand copies.

Building audiences passionate about your niche enables eventually monetizing content to hit high earning benchmarks.

Gig Economy Apps

Gig platforms like Uber, Deliveroo and TaskRabbit also offer ways to generate income on flexible schedules. While less consistent than freelancing or content creation, gig work serves as a short term option while building longer term income streams.

Ride Sharing

  • Drive for Uber or Bolt to earn fares picking up riders.
  • Average hourly earnings of £9-15/hour after expenses.
  • Can expect to earn £500-1000+ per week driving full time.

Food and Grocery Delivery

  • Deliver takeout, restaurant meals, or groceries with UberEats, Deliveroo, Getir.
  • Earn per delivery fees plus tips. Hourly average £8-12/hour.
  • Earning £1000+ requires driving full-time during peak hours.

Task Platforms

  • TaskRabbit lets you get paid for helping with moving, handyman jobs, cleaning, warehouse work and more.
  • Rates range from £10-20 per hour based on the type of task.
  • To make £1000+ per week requires consistently working full time hours booking back to back tasks.

Amazon Flex

  • Make block deliveries of Amazon orders in your free time.
  • Average hourly rate is £13-15 after expenses
  • Earning £1000+ weekly would require full time hours and meeting quotas.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

  • Register on Rover or Wag to get paid for pet care services like dog walking, overnight boarding, home visits.
  • Typical earnings of £8-12 per dog walk, £25-35 for overnight stays.
  • To earn £1000+ requires booking consistent appointments and building client base.

Gig platforms provide flexible ways to earn money fast by leveraging your time and existing assets like your vehicle.

Stack multiple options together to hit weekly goals.

Key Takeaways

Ways to Earn £1000 Per Week in the UK

  • Monetize underused assets through rentals, sales
  • Offer freelance services like consulting and tutoring
  • Start ecommerce side hustles like retail arbitrage or dropshipping
  • Create YouTube videos, blogs, affiliate sites
  • Drive rideshare, deliver food, complete tasks
  • Pursue high income careers in sales, medicine, law, etc.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

  • Combine multiple income streams for added earnings
  • Set rates higher as you gain experience and reviews
  • Leverage high income skills like coding or financial modeling
  • Be consistent putting in hours daily/weekly
  • Market services and build audience for brands

Effort Required

  • Making £1000+ per week takes significant hustle initially
  • Be prepared to work long hours, especially in beginning
  • Results require consistency over months, years
  • Passive income takes time to build from scratch
  • Stay strategic and patient in scaling up efforts


Achieving over £1000 in weekly earnings is an ambitious yet achievable goal for UK residents focused on elevating their income.

While it requires considerable effort initially, the financial and lifestyle payoffs make it a worthwhile endeavor.

With consistency across the right income stream combinations, hitting weekly benchmarks of £1000 or beyond is feasible.

From monetizing existing assets to providing freelance services, launching online stores, building audiences or working full-time in well-compensated roles, diverse options exist.

The time commitment and workload varies significantly based on the strategies selected.

Those pursuing multiple side hustles must manage capacity across different initiatives while advancing their capabilities.

Freelancers need to juggle client projects and continuously market their services.

Passive income businesses take longer to build momentum but enable earning without ongoing work over time.

Realistic timelines set proper expectations around how long it takes to scale up to £1000 weekly earnings.

Most income streams take 6-12 months to surpass this benchmark consistently, though viral successes happen faster on occasion.

With focus, persistence and calculated effort allocation, UK residents willing to hustle can unlock greater income potential.

As skills grow and processes systematize, maintaining £1000+ weekly becomes easier over time.