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How To Come Up With A Good Domain Name

Last updated on October 19th, 2022 at 08:23 am

In this article, you will learn how to come up with a good domain name for your blog or website. You’ll find out what the best domain extensions are, how to choose a good prefix, and when to go premium. 

You will also learn how to buy a domain name, and what questions to ask when buying one. 

Finally, you will find out when it is worth it to buy a premium domain name, and when it is better to go with a free domain.

First things first;

What is a domain name? 

A domain name is an address that computers associate with a website. It’s what visitors type in their browser to access your site. It is also what search engines refer to when they display your site in search results. 

For example, if your domain is, visitors type in “” to access your site, and search engines display “” in their results.

Do you really need a domain name?

Now that you know what a domain name is, why do you need one? 

A good domain name can help build a brand for your website or blog, and can also help you expand your email list. 

It can also help you build a larger audience for your blog. 

For example;

If you want to build a blog about health and fitness, you could use a domain name like “”. 

On the other hand, if you want to build a blog about fashion, you could use a domain name like “”.

With that said, a website name is crucial to your online presence. It is what represents your brand online. That’s why it’s important to come up with a good name for your website or blog.

How To Come Up With A Good Domain Name

Follow these tips to create a good domain name for your business.

1). Choose a domain name that is easy to type

Your domain name should be easy to type. This is important for two reasons. 

First, your visitors will be able to access your site quickly and easily if your domain is easy to remember and type. 

Second, it eliminates misspellings and the risks of sending people to the wrong website. 

If visitors mistype your domain name, they could end up on a competitor’s website. This not only wastes their time but also damages your reputation. on the other hand if your domain is easy to remember, this reduces the risk of visitors mistyping it.

2). Keep it short and simple 

2-3 words or letters is ideal  –  Choose a short and simple domain name. On average, a good domain name should be 2-3 words or letters. If you go longer than 7 words, you run the risk of having a poor recall. 

That being said, there are exceptions to this. For example, the domain name “” is 15 words, which is considered long for a domain name. 

It is a great domain name because there is enough of a distinction between long-form and journalism. It also has a great brand image because it’s easy to remember and type.

Short domain names also reduce the risk of visitors mistyping it. On the other hand, long domain names are difficult for visitors to remember and type.

3). Brandable

The third thing to consider when picking a good domain name is making sure it is brandable. 

This means that it is easy to associate your brand with the name. This is important because it helps people remember your domain name, which in turn helps build your brand and increases your online presence. 

For example;

If your website is about health and fitness, it would be better to use a domain name like “”, rather than “”. 

People will associate your website with “” instead of “”, which will help people remember it.

4). Use keywords 

Consider adding keywords that are relevant to your brand. This will help people find your website when they search for your keyword. 

For example;

If your brand is about health and fitness, you should use the keyword “healthandfitness” in your domain name. 

This will help people find your website when they search for keywords related to your brand.

Additionally, it makes it easy for your audience to understand what your website is all about.

5). Avoid numbers and hyphens. 

When choosing a good domain name, pick the one that does not include numbers or hyphens. 

This is because numbers and hyphens reduce the recall and brand image of your domain name. 

That is because most people don’t type numbers and hyphens when they are looking for a website or blog. 

For example, when people search for “”, they are probably not going to type “”.

Numbers and hyphens also make your website appear spammy. This is because spammers use numbers and hyphens as part of their e-mail addresses so they can avoid getting caught by spam filters. 

6). Choose a domain name extension that fits.  

What is a domain extension?

A domain extension is a word or group of words that come after a domain name and indicate the type of content on the domain. 

Most domain extensions are a single word, such as;

  • “com” which stands for commercial websites
  • “info” which stands for informational websites
  • “co” which stands for community websites. 

There are, however, a few exceptions. For example, a popular domain extension is “.io” which is commonly used for startup companies.

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing a good domain name extension. 

The first thing to consider is the industry you are in. This will help you determine the domain name extension that is best for your brand. 

For example, if you are in the health and fitness industry, it would be best to use a .fitness domain name extension.

So instead of going with, you can pick up a good domain like

Cool, right?

With that out of the way, let us talk about premium domains.

What is a premium domain?

When people say premium domain, they are referring to a domain name extension that is more expensive than a normal domain name extension. 

For example, a premium domain name extension for the “.com” domain would be 

It checks all the boxes we talked about earlier about a good domain name.

Premium domain names are more expensive than normal domain names, which is why people in the domain name industry refer to premium domain names as “golden domain names”. 

Additionally, premium domains are already owned by someone else, which means if you want it, your only option is to pay the premium price for it.

But, should you get a premium domain? 

That depends on a few things. The first thing to consider is your budget. If you have a large budget, then it would probably be better to get a premium domain name. 

For example, if you had $100,000 to spend on a domain name, it would probably be better to get a premium domain name like “” instead of a normal domain name like “”.

Also, premium domain names are brandable, which means you can easily turn them into a brand if you so choose. That makes them good investments. 

Finally, premium domain names are harder to get than normal domain names, which is why people in the domain name industry refer to premium domain names as “golden domain names”.   

How about free domain names?

Is there such a thing?            

Yes, there is such a thing as free domain names. However, most free domain names are either generic or have restrictions on them. For example, the term “free domain names” usually refers to domain names that are available for registration without any cost or fees. 

However, most free domain names come with restrictions, such as being able to transfer them only to other web developers or being able to use them only for a specific period of time.               

Others also require you to first get a paid service such as a hosting account before getting the free domain.

Then there are free domains offered by website builders like Wix. These are domain extensions such as However, if you are looking to build a serious business online, a free domain won’t help you.  

How do I register a domain name?

If you have decided on a premium domain name, the next step is to go ahead and register it. The easiest way to register a good domain name is through a domain name registrar. 

A domain name registrar is an online service that registers domain names for a fee. There are many domain name registrars to choose from, such as 1&1, Namecheap, GoDaddy, eNom, and

But if you want a good domain name for cheap, head over to and start the search process.

While there, check out our web hosting packages as well.