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GoDaddy Vs OLITT: The Best Website Builder

Last updated on November 8th, 2022 at 08:22 am

When it comes to websites these two giants help you create a website. Today we’ll be looking at GoDaddy vs OLITT website builders.

Thanks to technology everyone is able to go live instantly. Besides, with the two there is no need for coding or design skills you create by just drag and drop.

It’s easy to create any website easily. One also gets to save time and costs, since it doesn’t cost you a dime to create a website.

Get your idea online easily and in a flexible way.  Get to work on your idea on your own and develop unique designs and sites fast.

The tools also help everyone become a developer in a few minutes. Besides, one can work on more than one project and still be successful.

Well, before we get to GoDaddy vs OLITT let’s gather insights on both.


GoDaddy is an all-in-one platform. It provides the best tools to help you create and manage your online presence and keep growing.

They help everyone establish and grow their online presence. Also, have plans for everyone and more tools to ensure you succeed.

Here are some things GoDaddy provides:

GoDaddy vs OLITT


  • Ease of use- everyone is able to acquire and manage their services.
  • Many features- they have more quality features to help you grow your idea.
  • Secure- provide the best security features and tools to keep everyone safe online.
  • Affordable- they have customized plans for everyone.
  • Have a solid reputation- they have been in business for a while and have helped many succeed.
  • Support- their customer support is always ready to help everyone.


  • It costs you to restore your website files.
  • Renewals- buy cheaply but renew expensively.
  • At times their live support isn’t active.

GoDaddy comes to help everyone grow and keep making it online. It saves you time and costs, as well as increases, work efficiency.

What is OLITT?

OLITT is a free website builder. It helps everyone launch their online presence fast and cost-free. With OLITT you also don’t need to learn web design or any programming.

With just a drag and drop you can create any website fast and with flexibility. Create any website in less than 10 minutes and continue growing your online presence.

Here is what OLITT offers:

  • Free website creation
  • Free domain connect 
  • Free DNS management.
  • Free hosting.
  • Affordable domains
  • And more.
GoDaddy vs OLITT


  • User friendly- the design is usable by everyone.
  • Free- create any website for free.
  • Ease of use- just use the drag and drop to develop any website.
  • Time saver- with less than 10 minutes one can create any website easily.
  • Security features- OLITT is keen on security. Have antimalware scans and many other tools.


  • Difficult to transfer your website form OLITT.
  • OLITT branded ads on the free plan.

OLITT is a technology that helps all launch their online presence fast. It also helps everyone share and showcases their ideas online easily.

It’s free and user-friendly. They also provide a ton of free features for everyone. It doesn’t even take you time to create any website.

Make it easy for your clients to reach out and interact with you easily. Showcase your skills online and build credibility easily.

GoDaddy vs OLITT: What they have in common.

Well, the two are website builders and help everyone get online fast and flexibly. Here are other things they have in common.

  • They have free plans.
  • Both provide domains.
  • Have a drag and drop interface for website creation.
  • The two have good security features.

GoDaddy vs OLITT

In this comparison, we’ll be looking at what is the best to use. We’ll get to know why to use one over the other in the following criteria:

  • Pricing
  • Features
  • Security
  • Ease of use
  • Support
  • Reliability

1. GoDaddy vs OLITT: Pricing

When it comes to pricing the two ease the process of being online. Creating a website with either of them is free. However, for GoDaddy, it’s a 14-day trial.

OLITT on the other hand has a free plan for life and a pro plan. Here are their pricing.

GoDaddy plans:

Basic$8.25 /monthWebsite security (SSL)
Custom domain connection
24/7 support
Standard$11.80 /monthSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
3 Social media platforms
24/7 support
Premium$17.70 /monthUnlimited social media platforms
24/7 Support
Custom domain connect
Ecommerce$23.60 /monthProduct listings
Flexible payments
Flexible shipping options
Customer support.

All plans have a one-month trial.

OLITT on the other hand has two plans. The free and the professional plan.

FreeFree1 GB Storage 
Unlimited Bandwidth 
Connect your Custom Domain (1)
ProUSD 1.99 /monthEverything in Free, Plus: 
Free hosting
Unlimited Storage
Free domain for 1 year

OLITT ensures that you launch your online presence fast and easily. OLITT takes the win for the affordable plans for everyone.

2. OLITT vs GoDaddy: Features

The two have made it easy for everyone to create the best sites easily. They offer the best tools and features to ensure you launch your online presence easily.

OLITT even on the free plan has SEO, unlimited bandwidth DNS management for free and so much more. GoDaddy on the other hand has marketing plans and social media plans. 

However, they are free for 14 days after which one has to upgrade to a paid plan. GoDaddy offers many other features that OLITT doesn’t.

GoDaddy takes the win with the advanced tools it provides. They provide extra plans for everyone to make it online.

3. GoDaddy vs OLITT: Security

When it comes to web and online systems, security is a major concern. We all need to keep our identities safe and transactions too.

GoDaddy makes sure you are protected by providing security features like antimalware scans, SSLs, and many others. They watch your safety and how you transact safely over the internet. 

OLITT too is not left behind on security. Their site builder scans for malware and automatically removes them as well as offers SSLs. Most of these features are free.

The two have put the best measures to ensure everyone makes it online. They also ensure all users are protected and are free to transact without concerns.

It’s a tie as far as security is concerned. The two have implemented the best security measures to make sure everyone is protected.

4. GoDaddy vs OLITT: Ease of use

The reason why people use website builders is to create easily. We all don’t need to tire or keep calling someone and checking on the progress.

OLITT is an easy-to-use website builder. It’s responsive and everyone is able to create and deploy their idea online fast. It makes everyone a developer.

It’s not left behind in supporting unskilled people to establish their online presence. Besides, it’s free and flexible with their pro plan.

GoDaddy on the other hand isn’t left behind. Website creation is amazing; one doesn’t feel overwhelmed and everything is easy.

Their themes are easy to use as well as adding and changing content. Connect your social accounts easily by just adding links.

GoDaddy takes a win for the ease of creation. Its editor is more simple and has more tools as compared to that of the OLITT website builder.

5. GoDaddy vs OLITT: Support and Reliability 

Comparing the two, they both are best in what they offer. GoDaddy has good and reliable support that is 24/7 ready to assist.

GoDaddy servers too are always up and running on a 99.9% uptime. Their services are always available for everyone to use.

OLITT on the other hand to is very professional. Their support is exceptional; they are available on many other platforms and also have video tutorials.

Their reliability is amazing with an uptime of 99.98% uptime. OLITT also runs on the best technology stack that makes sure everyone is able to transact fast and securely.

Both OLITT and GoDaddy are at the forefront to ensure everyone transacts safely. Get to know more about the two by visiting their homepages.

Website builders are the best tools one uses to start their online presence. They make it easy for everyone to grow their ideas.

GoDaddy vs OLITT: Verdict

The two website builders are great and provide an easy way to establish an online presence. Individuals and businesses are making it online easily with the two platforms.

There are also other alternatives to the two. These are:

  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Weebly
  • And more.

Websites have become easy to create. These days you don’t have to hire anyone to build it for you. Get to do it yourself and spend less time.

Do more research on the two before choosing either for your business. Keep growing your business easily and fast with a website builder.

No more hassle of building your online presence. Get your business the best boost it needs to start growing and reaching out to many.

Use a website builder and save on costs as you input the rest to your business. Grow your online presence with affordable plans and many features that are easy to use.