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How To Get Godaddy Free Website

In this post, we’ll talk about how to get a GoDaddy free website. Websites are the best means of communication and make everything very easy for everyone.

Now everybody wants to get a website to:

  • Showcase their skills
  • Advertise a business
  • Get in touch with many
  • Sell products or services
  • And more…

There are many uses of a website today. Every day new websites are created and ideas are transformed into better lives.

The internet is the best platform that everyone can use to go live. You can get in touch with millions with just a touch/click of a button.

What is GoDaddy?

It’s an internet service provider. GoDaddy offers the following:

  • Domains
  • Hosting
  • Marketing tools
  • Security features
  • And more… 

GoDaddy is a company that ensures that your online presence is secure and fast. You also get the chance to have your website on the internet for people all over the world to see it.

GoDaddy is hosted in Arizona, United States of America. The company has employees who are ready to help you with anything that comes up during your experience on their platforms.

The award-winning Godaddy offers domain registration, hosting service, email services, website builder, and SSL certificates. Godaddy has more than 17 million customers worldwide.

GoDaddy also has been around for a while and has made a name for itself. It has a great customer support team and offers some of the lowest prices on hosting services.

In short, Godaddy is a reputable source for domain registration, website building, web hosting, email service, and SSL certificates.

What does GoDaddy provide?

GoDaddy as mentioned provides a lot of services. It ensures that everyone succeeds online. It allows you to have an online presence.


You can register a new domain at GoDaddy. You can buy, transfer or auction your domain in GoDaddy. The platform makes it easy for you to start an online presence.

It allows you to choose from hundreds of domain extensions, such as .com, .org, and others. You are not limited to one extension.

Besides, their domains are affordable. Everyone can purchase a domain for less than $1 and continue building their online presence.


GoDaddy offers hosting services. It ensures that your website is visible to everyone online and reaches a large audience.

They have hundreds of tools that enable you to market your website with ease. This means that your clients will reach you easily.

You also get to make progress and keep growing your business. Get also to secure your business with the right storage and features.

GoDaddy ensures that you are getting the best hosting experience. You can create an account easily and start creating websites instantly.

It only takes minutes to make your website visible to people all over the world. It makes it very easy for one to explore their imagination online and fulfill their dreams without much trouble at all. 

Email Services

You can also manage your business emails from one place. You can do it on your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Transact easily with the GoDaddy email services. Get to manage the business from anywhere and using any device.

Grow your business with ease and manage it without hassle. Get to provide the best services for all and save other resources easily.

GoDaddy Free Website Builder

Create professional websites within minutes. It also allows you to choose from hundreds of templates and customize them as per your preference.

Create a website for your business, or you can even use it for personal reasons. It is free and offers a lot of features to help you with an online presence.

Besides, it’s a drag and drop so the process of designing is simple. You can do it yourself and save the costs of hiring a web developer.

The free website builder hands you the best tools to ensure that you create an amazing online presence. It ensures that you employ your creativity.

Security tools

You can secure your website using SSL certificates offered by GoDaddy. You can choose from DV, OV, EV SSL Certificates that are trusted by browsers all over the world.

You can also import all your preferred settings with just a click. It is the best option to secure your website and make it look very professional.

The security provided by GoDaddy ensures that you are enabled to reach millions of people around the world without any hassle. 

It ensures that people always stay safe on your website and nothing suspicious is done. Malware and other malicious activities are always checked.

Marketing tools 

They are also available on GoDaddy that enable you to draw more people towards your website and make more money online.

You can choose from hundreds of templates and make a site of your own within minutes using the tools offered by this platform.

With the help of mobile devices, creating an account is very easy and convenient. You can even use it while traveling or even at home.

This means that managing your business becomes flexible. Get to showcase your product and connect with clients fast.

Are GoDaddy websites safe?

Yes, they are. GoDaddy takes security concerns carefully and ensures everyone is safe online. They have put in place measures such as:

  • SSL certificates- protect client’s data from data spoofers.
  • Malware scanners- prevent malicious activities.

GoDaddy ensures that your online presence is safe. It makes sure you transact at ease and everyone can reach you.

How to get a GoDaddy free website

Getting a free website from GoDaddy is easy to do. GoDaddy offers a few different free website options to fit your needs.

With the purchase of their new web hosting plans, they provide two types of websites along with any extras you may need.

Here is the procedure:

1. Visit GoDaddy homepage

From the homepage, there are different tabs available. On the web and stores tab, there is a website builder.

This tab takes you to the website builder platform. Click on the start free button and proceed to create an account.

2. Create account

This account will help you manage all your websites. Also, it will be used to send you notifications about your websites.

From the account also can update billing and get to know how their website is performing.

There are three methods you can use:

  • Continue with Facebook- use your Facebook account to create a GoDaddy account.
  • Continue with Google- use Gmail to create an account.
  • Continue with email- manually create an account with your email address.

After successful signup, choose a goal. Proceed to choose the kind of website you want to create.

3. Give a name to your website

This name is what people will be seeing when they visit your website. A good name should be simple and straight to the point.

Don’t just get a name make sure it’s available and is about your business. This will save you a lot of hassle.

4. Start editing

This is what happens next after you enter the name. There are 3 things you need to do to make your website stunning.

GoDaddy free website

5. Choose a theme

This is how your website will look. GoDaddy provides many themes one can use and make their web presence stunning.

The theme also will determine the layout of the website. Make sure to choose a good theme that will be easy to edit.

6. Edit Image and texts

This is where you change the look and content of your website. It’s where you will decide where text and photos fall in.

It’s where you will put descriptions and other relevant information. This means also editing the about us page.

7. Add contact

This is how people will reach out to you. Connect your social media accounts and make it easy for people to reach you.

8. Publish site

This is the last stage, which means that your website is ready. Publishing is taking it live and ensuring that everyone can reach you.

When publishing you can choose to connect your custom domain or use the GoDaddy subdomain. A custom domain looks more professional.

Now your free website is live, share it on social media and promote it. Start transacting without spending a dime.

GoDaddy free website alternatives


It’s a free website builder with all the essentials that you need for your business or personal website. You can easily create an account, pick a template and start creating your website.

OLITT is one of the best GoDaddy free website alternatives because it provides all the important features that help you to build an online presence without any hassle.

You’re free to use a wide range of templates and quickly upload media files. For website builders with an excellent collection of features, OLITT is a pretty good option. You can try it out today!

2. Wix

It’s another GoDaddy free website alternative. Wix is popular for its drag-and-drop website builder. You can easily build your website using the Wix Editor feature, which is an easy-to-use drag and drop option.

Wix has excellent templates which you can further customize with their pre-installed widgets. What makes it better than GoDaddy is that Wix offers stunning designs for everyone – whether you have a small business or you’re an individual.

Wix is a good free website builder, and it’s a perfect alternative for GoDaddy. Try it out today!

3. Weebly

Weebly is one of the best GoDaddy alternatives because it offers all the basic features that you need to build your website.

It comes with dozens of free templates, a drag and drop interface, website analytics, mobile responsive design, and other contemporary tools.

You can create a website for personal or commercial use – the templates are perfect for all kinds of businesses.

Weebly provides several tools to help you build an impressive website fast. There’s no need to worry about things like optimizing SEO or paying hosting bills – Weebly takes care of all this for you.

You can try out Weebly today if you’re looking for an easy-to-use website builder that comes with tons of features. You won’t believe how simple it is to build your site!

4. Jimdo

It’s another popular GoDaddy alternative, and it’s mostly known for its user-friendly interface and easy-to-use tools.

Jimdo comes with a wide range of templates, so you don’t have to worry about having a bad-looking website.

Besides the visual appeal of the website builder, Jimdo is also optimized for users who want to build their eCommerce store.

You can easily add a shopping cart widget to your website and sell products directly from the Jimdo app.

Jimdo is a good alternative for GoDaddy, so you can try it out today. You’ll never have to deal with hosting hassles since they offer it all!

5. Squarespace

One of the best GoDaddy alternatives that money can buy. Squarespace is a robust website builder that offers tons of features, so much so that you might never have to leave the app.

Squarespace comes with pre-designed templates, but they’re still customizable – you’ll be able to change up colors and fonts as well as edit other details on your website.

You can even start selling products right from the app. Several tools will help you promote your website once it’s up, so you can enjoy increased traffic and engagement rates.

Give Squarespace a try today if GoDaddy isn’t doing it for you anymore!

There are so many other free website builders one can use. However, it all comes down to what they are offering.

Get creating stunning sites today with these GoDaddy alternatives. Websites are the best platforms to grow your businesses. These free website builders help you do just that!