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Godaddy Email Hosting; The 3 Credible Best Alternatives

Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 06:56 am

We all have heard about GoDaddy, but have heard of the other services it provides like GoDaddy email hosting? Well, this post will gather all those insights.

Staying informed is everyone’s goal. Each day new ideas are born and people are finding new ways of solving problems.

These days with the internet and a browser you can take your idea online. The internet is home to many platforms that have eased many processes.

One can also launch their businesses fast and securely. It has become easy to reach out to many all over the world with just a click of a button.

A business requires many aspects to make it successful. This is why GoDaddy Email Hosting comes in place for your business.

What is email hosting?

It’s a service that allows you to have storage space for your email and files. This means that you get to choose the storage allocation you need.

Unlike the normal email storage you get from Google and other platforms, email hosting is more secure, reliable, and has enough storage.

One simply pays for what one is getting. This storage means you can keep your business files safe such as invoices, statement logs, and more.

One doesn’t have to depend on the traditional filing system. Your data is kept safe and readily accessible anywhere with the right credentials.

How does it work?

As an online service, this means that your data is flexible and easily accessible. An email host provides you with storage space for your data, security, and ease of access.

This means that you get control over your files and data. You are free to store data securely and be able to transact easily.

It provides encryption, authentication, re-routing, and replication of your emails. This is a secure way to make sure there is no unauthorized data access.

Data can be easily manipulated, email hosting provides security against such. Guarantees easy, safe transit of data.

What does email hosting provide?

1. Security

Email hosts have the best security implementations. They ensure data is encrypted, authenticated, and re-routed before it reaches the intended target.

This means that third parties have no access to your data. It’s safe even when in transit and no one can alter it so data integrity is maintained.

One also can implement more security features and add their own measures to keep their server safe. Security is a major concern for businesses and systems.

It costs much more to repair a security breach. At times also data is lost when it occurs. To be safe always ensure to have measures to counter-check the systems.

2. Storage

We all need a secure place to place our files and data. An email host gives you that, provides you with a way to handle your data securely.

Makes it also easy to access it. Besides, you are paying for what you get and you get to customize the server in the way you want.

No limitation as in the case of free email hosting. Your business is able to transact freely and in a secure manner with no limit; you get what you pay for.

3. Performance

Email hosting comes with more than just storage; one is allocated resources. Such resources include RAM, Processor, and more.

These resources help you run your server. It also means that your response will be fast. Emails will be easy to send and receive efficiently.

Besides, you also get to customize the delivery methods. It makes it reliable and the business improves and trustworthy.

Your clients can interact with you easily and in a secure way. 

4. Flexibility

Did you ever want to customize your mail delivery? Well, an email host provides the platform for you; this means you get to customize it to fit your business.

Also, you get more storage and security. One is free to configure how their files and other data are stored. Customize it to fit the business needs.

5. Cost-saving

The email host means that one saves on the traditional method of data storage. Invoices, bank statements are easily accessible over the internet.

No more buying of papers and files to store this data. One also can use digital methods to sign invoices and many others.

6. Branding 

With an email host, one gets to point their emails towards the business. This simply means that when one receives an email it’s easy to know where it’s from.

Customers love to transact freely and securely. Recognized brands make businesses trustable and many feel safe transacting.

A brand is more than just a product, it requires recognition. Customers are the best to make sure your business get’s recognized. 

Email hosting gives you the platform to ensure your brand grows. Builds credibility and helps you make it to this online market world.

There is a lot more email hosting offers. It helps you keep your business growing and taking new levels securely and affordably.

How to Create an email  hosting account 

1. Register a domain name

One needs to have a domain. The domain is the name to use for your website. It can also be the name for your business. Check here for the best domain prices.

2. Choose an email host provider

GoDaddy email hosting can work for you. However, one needs to check the features they are getting from a host before they choose one.

There is also cost, that will influence how your business will operate. Find a plan that fits in your budget and is affordable; doesn’t affect the operations of the business.

3. Setup email services

This means connecting your domain and other aspects of email hosting. Different email host providers have different steps of setting up.

Since your domain has been pointed to the email host the next process is to create an email from your cPanel dashboard.

Under the email choose to create a new email. Fill in the right details and finish the setup process. Once done the next is configuration.

4. Configuring the email

After setting up the professional email it’s time to personalize it for the business. This means inputting your name and the business name alongside the email.

One should also create more contact emails like [email protected], [email protected], and many others to communicate effectively.

An email signature is crucial, it creates brand awareness and helps your clients identify your business fast and easily.

A signature can be simple, one can include content such as a business position, or even a thank you note for being part of the business.

5. Set up an email client

An email client is an application that sends and receives emails. For it to work it must be connected to an email server.

It helps you manage many emails in one place. One can boost their productivity by integrating it with other applications such as Google Calendar.

 There are different email applications that one can set up. However, these two, Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac Mail come with step by step configuration process.

How much is GoDaddy email hosting?

For as low as £2.49/month one gets 10GB of storage from GoDaddy email hosting. This means that you have access to a number of options to keep make your business successful.

Godaddy Email Hosting

It’s easy to manage your emails and have up to 400 email aliases. Transactions are made easier with email hosting.

The plans for the GoDaddy email hosting

Email Essentials£2.49/month10 GB storage
sync across all devices
Shared online calendars
Up to 400 email aliases
Email plus£3.99/month50 GB storage
sync across all devices
Shared online calendars
Up to 400 email aliases
Business premium£7.99/month50GB storage
Office applications
sync across all devices
Shared online calendars
Up to 400 email aliases
Get Microsoft Teams® and host web conferences, share and collaborate with integrated Office apps — and more.

Alternatives of GoDaddy Email Hosting

1. Truehost

Truehost is an alternative to GoDaddy email hosting. Truehost provides the best affordable plans for everyone. They understand the value of having a customer.

They also provide:

  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting
  • VPS and servers
  • SSL 
  • And much more.

Here are  Truehost Plans:

Professional Email Service       

Plan  PriceFeatures
Bronze EmailKshs. 898/yr1 Email Account
1 GB Disk
1 Domain
Silver EmailKshs.1999/yr  Unlimited Email Account
30 GB Disk
3 Domains
Cloudoon Mail  Kshs. 100/mo15GB Storage per Account
Multiple Email Clients (Email Alias)
Cloud Storage / Drive

Private email hosting

Private Mail Server 1Kshs. 800/mo20 GB SSD Disk
20 Email Accounts
5 Domains
Private Email Server 2Kshs. 1600/mo40 GB SSD Disk
50 Email Accounts
10 Domains
Private Email Server 3Kshs.3000/mo80 GB SSD Disk
50 Email Accounts
20 Domains

2. Hostinger

It’s a web service provider for all. Hostinger also provides:

  • Hosting
  • Email
  • Domain
  • And more.

Here are Hostinger plans:

Google Workspace Email$6.00/month30GB Email storage
Unlimited Mail Filters
30 Email Aliases
Antivirus Check
Business Email$0.99/month10 GB Email storage
50 Email Aliases
Antivirus CheckMulti-device Support 
Enterprise Email$2.49/month30 GB Email storage
Unlimited Mail Filters
50 Email Aliases
Antivirus Check

3. Dreamhost 

It’s a domain registrar and a web service provider. This is what Dreamhost offers:

  • WordPress
  • Hosting
  • Websites
  • Domains
  • Email
  • And more.

Their email hosting plans are:

PlanCost Features
Email Monthly$1.99/month25GB Storage per Mailbox
Mobile and Desktop Sync
Ad-Free Webmail
Google Workspace(Business Starter)$6.00/monthProfessional office suite with 30 GB storage
100 participant video meetings.
Google Workspace(Business Standard)$12.00/monthEnhanced office suite with 2 TB storage
150 participant video meetings + recording.

GoDaddy email hosting provides you with the necessary resources to keep your business growing. Well, the above are just a few alternatives to consider.

Always have a strategy before deciding to go live.