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GoDaddy And WordPress: What You Should Know

Online web services are the most sought-after. GoDaddy and WordPress are the common platforms that people used to grow their online presence. 

The two offer easy ways to create and continue growing. Both platforms also help everyone to establish an online presence.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free, open-source software that can be obtained on It’s an excellent Content Management System.

GoDaddy and WordPress

It has a vast number of themes, plugins, and downloadable files to customize your site. These plug-ins and files help you in developing your site into the best design you want it to be. 

You can also add web applications along with the blog or simply create a business website on WordPress. WordPress makes everything easy.

Features of WordPress

1. Ease of use

WordPress works by drag and drop. Installing a widget is as easy as dragging it from the dashboard and dropping it onto a blog page. 

WordPress’s features can be activated and deactivated by the user which keeps the site secure while keeping all of the desired features intact.

Because of these built-in features, plugins are not needed too much on WordPress. Many times users have to go out seeking plugins for their blogs or websites that they install through other platforms. 

For more powerful sites, WordPress allows you to create your own custom plugin if there isn’t one available that you need. 

2. Security

WordPress has security measures built into every release. It allows administrators to keep their sites safe from hackers and other threats such as spambots.

Every update is scanned for vulnerabilities and then the update is offered only if no known weaknesses were found. This protects the integrity of each site.

WordPress is also regularly updated to keep it safe and up to date with the latest threats and exploits. WordPress offers both open-source software as well as a hosted platform that keeps your site secure while you use it.

There are no complicated updates or patches to install, just find the plugin you want on their extensive list of plugins.

For an advanced user who wants total control over their security settings, they can tweak the code if needed. 

3. Flexibility

WordPress helps make it easy for non-programmers to work easily. Expert programmers can change almost every aspect of the site.

WordPress has been around for a long time and works with many different browsers, operating systems, and devices. Everyone can use it with no need for advanced computer skills to be able to install the software. 

WordPress also adapts its layout to work on any device.  Users have freedom on how they want their content to be displayed.

WordPress allows users to create multiple sites under one dashboard. This saves time managing them all while keeping them secure. Making updates is easier.

WordPress provides more. Get more insight on WordPress features here.

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is an American multinational domain name registrar and Web hosting company. They have over 12 million customers worldwide and over 70 offices across the globe. 

Their main services include: 

GoDaddy and WordPress

GoDaddy offers the best-customized services for all. They enable everyone to establish an online presence easily.

GoDaddy is an online web service provider. GoDaddy provides many services that ensure that one succeeds online fast and easily.

Their plans too are cheap and flexible. GoDaddy allows you to easily take your idea online securely and doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a small business.

Does GoDaddy Use WordPress?

GoDaddy is a world-renowned domain name registrar and web hosting company that was founded in 1997. GoDaddy’s online services include:

While GoDaddy has grown to be the largest domain investor worldwide. It has other Internet services such as social networking services and marketing.

GoDaddy features:

1. Ease of use

GoDaddy website builder has made website creation as simple as possible. With just a few clicks you can have your own website online within minutes.

No programming or even HTML expertise is required. With just drag and drop create any website fast. No more hassle of learning web design.

2. Security

GoDaddy plans are protected by SSL certificates. They help in protecting your site and keep data safe in transit.

Also, all GoDaddy’s hosting servers are equipped with advanced security features to protect your website content from cyber attacks and spamming.

3. Content Management System (CMS)

GoDaddy website builder using its own proprietary CMS that is easy to use and comes with the latest technology. 

You can manage your websites through the control panel of the hosting server or even create new pages right away without having any technical knowledge.

4. Management Tools

You can even create a fully functional email account using Hosted Email service with your domain name. You will get a user-friendly web-based control panel that allows you to manage your email accounts.

You can easily import the designs from existing PowerPoint files too. You can also build mobile-ready sites using the Control Panel.

GoDaddy WordPress Use

GoDaddy hosts its website using WordPress.  Try hovering over the “About” button towards the top-left side of the page, it will inform you that GoDaddy is built using WordPress along with some other services they use to host their site (Joomla, Drupal, etc.).

WordPress has a vast amount of plugins and themes so you can build a unique website. GoDaddy uses a custom theme to give their site the feel they want.

If you use GoDaddy’s web hosting service, you’ll be happy to know that your WordPress blog will work fine with no issues.

No need to add additional configuration. Operate your business and keep growing your ideas in a flexible way. GoDaddy makes sure everyone creates and goes live instantly. 

Blogs, websites, and more are created without touching a single line of code.

GoDaddy and WordPress what they have in common

1. They are building platforms

Both GoDaddy and WordPress enable users to manage their websites. Lots of people trust GoDaddy and WordPress. They have made it easy for people to do what they want on the internet without hassle.

Imagine just creating without having to have any special skills. Develop stunning sites by just drag and drop. No more coding or designing skills are needed.

They offer an easy-to-use platform for everyone. Besides, you don’t need to be skilled in web development to create a website.

2. Have reputable names

Both WordPress and GoDaddy are popular. This is from the services they provide  to the clients. They have international recognition and are trusted by many people.

It’s a big deal to win the loyalty of so many clients worldwide. They’re known for excellence in their domains and industry. 

In other words, they’re leaders in their industry or highly competitive with the best of them. GoDaddy is at the top because it provides services that meet customer needs.

They are popular for anyone who wants to build their online flexibility. This means creating without spending too much money on web development skills and knowledge!

3. Cost savers

When it comes to service delivery the two are well equipped. Their plans are affordable and flexible. There are monthly or yearly plans that are easy to use, manage and control.

GoDaddy is a great option when it comes to web development. Their services are of good quality and most importantly good value. 

WordPress is free and also has other advanced plans. One can get to implement more features as they become more skilled.

To wrap things up GoDaddy uses WordPress and so can you! It’s very easy to create a website when you use GoDaddy.

Using WordPress makes creating your own websites easy and cost-efficient. The same goes for using GoDaddy services. Your business will be moving upwards when one chooses these service providers. 

4. Web Service providers

GoDaddy has many different services it provides, as does WordPress. The two are some of the most popular web service providers.

WordPress has over 60,000 plugins for you to install to enhance your site and make it more customized. GoDaddy offers to host so that you can host your WordPress blog or website with them in an easy fashion.

This means you won’t have to worry about having super skills in order to do this. You simply need the right hosting plan and everything will be provided by GoDaddy or WordPress!

These Web Service Providers are key to Business Ideas. However, the two also have some differences between them.

Difference between WordPress and GoDaddy

1. Open source

WordPress is open-source software that gives users the freedom to edit their content anywhere they want at any time. GoDaddy is a privately held company that is not open for the public to edit. 

GoDaddy wants you to use their hosting services along with other features and that’s it’s not open source. Well, it does offer WordPress as an online tool.

2. User experience

When you want to create a website but have no experience, WordPress is best. It’s easy to use and doesn’t charge you a dime.

GoDaddy on the other hand has a website builder. The website builder is free however after 14 days one needs to get a subscription.

Both GoDaddy and WordPress platforms are equipped to help everyone establish their online presence.