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7 Best UK Domain Registrars To Use

Are you looking for an article on the best UK domain registrars to use? Well, you have come to the right place. 

In this post we’ll entail:

  • What a domain is.
  • Where to get a domain.
  • what a domain gets you.
  • And how to choose a registrar.

Did you know that is a valentine’s day baby? Youtube is a popular entertainment channel around the globe.

It’s also a finance resource for many content creators, musicians, and others. It was registered on February 14, 2005, today it’s estimated to be worth up to $160 billion!

Today Youtube, and other websites wouldn’t exist if it were not for domain registrars. A domain as we know is the name of a website.

This means that to access a website one needs a domain name. The domain registrar on the other hand is the company that sells and hosts that domain.

Why buy a domain, what does it provide?

There are several reasons why one would want to buy a domain. However, here are 5 things you get from buying a domain:

1. Establishes an online presence

Reaching out to millions isn’t easy. A domain, however, allows you to do that and communicate instantly.

Facebook is a domain name for a popular website; people from different continents use it to communicate, share pictures, videos, and more.

Today everyone recognizes and uses different websites. All these are held together by domains that ensure the free flow of information.

As soon as you register a domain name it becomes live. You just need to connect your site and share it. The best thing is that you can’t share a domain name.

It’s unique and you have control over its usage.

2. Credits and establishes authority

How many times have you shared something on other sites and it ends up being taken down? Well, this can change with a domain name.

You can register a domain name and create a blog where you can share your thoughts with everyone. Take an example with Twitter, sharing a negative post can land you in trouble.

Someone can report your account and it becomes suspended. Using a domain saves you the trouble; the content on your blog is credible and creates a professional identity for you! 

Your domain will show legitimacy for your business or blog. From the domain name, one can tell what your site is about. Clients and visitors can reach you easily.

3. Control 

Not everything is allowed to be shared on third-party sites. Most websites have a right to take down your content.

With your domain, you have the right to post whatever you want. Provided you always renew your service content will remain safe.

You also get to choose how people respond to you. Domains have complete control unlike cases of using other services.

It’s also easy to manage your domain and what you want to share. No one directs you on how you should use it!

4. Marketing opportunity

Whether you are a business or an individual, a domain name will help you reach out to many. From it also you can choose a way of responding to clients.

One can create emails, websites, and more from the domain name. Google is the best platform that helps you market and contact clients smoothly.

Today most businesses are listed on Google. All from a simple domain name and now everyone can reach out to them instantly.

As your domain becomes popular, so does your business or blog. It’s easy to compete with large corporations by domain.

5. Security

Did you know that a domain name secures your business? How? Well, when you register a business you get trademark rights, and so does a domain.

No one can have the same domain name as yours. Listing your business under the said domain ensures that clients can reach you easily.

From this clients can transact safely. Establishing your brand online ensures that no one can take advantage of your business.

It also saves a spot for you on the internet where you can grow your venture globally.

How to choose a good domain registrar

Before buying a domain name you should consider these:

  • Pricing- how much does it cost? What is the renewal rate? Well, this will be answered with your budget. Look for a registrar that falls under your plans. 
  • Offers- what do you get from the domain? Are you going to pay extra to get some features or is it all-inclusive? Get a registrar that gives you something more.
  • Extras- apart from the domain are there anything else they are offering? What do you get when you sign up with them? A registrar should give you something extra.
  • Renewal period- how long do they give you to renew it?  Is it enough time for you? Know if the given time is right for you. Ensure that you aren’t inconvenienced. 
  • Customer service- how well do they respond to emails, texts, and calls, and are their clients satisfied with their services? Without good customer services your services also may not be great.
  • Transfer services- Does it cost to transfer a domain? Do they allow transfer to other registrars? Get to understand the workings of the registrar before committing. 

7 Best UK Domain Registrars To Use

1. Truehost

It’s one of the best UK domain registrars to use. Registered under ICANN, Truehost delivers the best for everyone.

It has been operational providing domains, hosting, and more services globally. For as little as $1.09 one can get a domain.

UK domain registrar

Isn’t that affordable? Besides, their renewal plans are also affordable. Here is what you get from Truehost:

  • Free DNS management- manage your domains for free!
  • Free email forwarding- resend received emails without any extra cost.
  • SSL certificate- secure your domain and services with the best security tools.
  • And more.

There is a lot in store for you when you sign up for Truehost. Besides, they prioritize customer needs and their services are amazing.

Their customer service is amazing. They are always available to help you solve issues fast and ensure your services are always available.

They guarantee 99.99% of uptime and service delivery. Why don’t you sign up with them today and grow your online presence?

2. GoDaddy

It’s another popular UK domain registrar to use today. Unlike other registrars, GoDaddy prides itself in providing affordable plans.

Not only is GoDaddy a domain registrar, but it also provides services like:

  • Web development
  • Web hosting
  • Online marketing
  • And much more.
UK domain registrar

Their plans start from $0.99 for a domain. For that, you can get a free website builder and create any website with ease. 

When it comes to security GoDaddy ensures their clients are protected.  Their customer service is reliable. They are available on calls and email 24/7! 

With GoDaddy, your service is guaranteed to be running reliably. Clients and visitors will always be happy to transact with you.

3. Bluehost

It’s a unique and popular and unique service provider. Many prefer it because its WordPress plans are irresistible.

Also, it’s easy to navigate, and getting online is instant. When it comes to security Bluehost ensures that your data is kept safe.

Well, when it comes to pricing it’s a bit higher. Their lowest domain goes for $1.99 but they compensate on:

  • Hosting
  • Domain privacy
  • Security.

Bluehost is powerful and provides you with the best reliable service you need for your website and business.

Everyone is protected and transactions are smooth. Their customer service team is always ready to solve issues that you may run into.

Delivering quality services is their guarantee. Signing up with them means that you will always deliver quality to all!

4. Hostinger

This registrar was established in 2004. It has then grown to be among the best UK domain registrars to use today.

Being born from other companies, it has come on top and made moves to ensure it keeps up with the competitors.

UK domain registrar

It provides services such as:

  • Domains
  • Web hosting
  • SSL certificates 
  • Backups 
  • And more.

Domain services are available for as low as $0.99. Getting online with Hostinger is fast and simple. Well, clients are guaranteed safety as they transact.

About customer service and reliability Hostinger doesn’t disappoint. You will always be up and running without hitches.

They guarantee that you can conduct your business smoothly. Your services will always be available and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

5. NameCheap

As the name suggests, get domains here affordably. This company has over 10 million registered domains and users.

It also provides web hosting services. This means that you can also host your domain and other sites with them.

Namecheap plans start from as low as $0.98- a limited-time offer! The domain comes with:

  • Free 2 months email trail- share more with the emails for free.
  • Free DNSSEC security- protects you and your visitors from malicious activities.
  • Experts 24/7 help- ready to assist solve issues.

They guarantee that your website and service delivery is always available. As mentioned their customer service also is always ready to help.

Using Namecheap as your UK domain registrar is the best thing to do. Visit their site and get started on your online journey.

6. HostGator

This is a Houston-based domain registrar and other services, provider. Their services are amazing and reliable.

It has been around for a while and has proven a worthy opponent to other service providers. When it comes to pricing they are the cheapest!

From as low as $0.95 get a domain. It’s not only domains that are cheap, web hosting and other services are affordable.

Their customer service isn’t left behind in providing the best help. With them also you’re guaranteed that issues are always solved on time.

Security and uptime are amazing. Your visitors and clients will always be protected and services run smoothly.

7. Namesilo

As part of the best UK domain registrars, Namesilo has a great reputation. They boast of the best and cheapest domains and services.

Being around as of 2009, they have made an impression! Managing services from Namesilo is easy and convenient.

UK domain registrar

When it comes to pricing they don’t disappoint; get a .xyz domain for $0.99. For this price, you also get amazing services like reliable customer service.

They work around the clock to ensure that your services are always available. Any malicious activity is always dealt with fast.

They guarantee that you get the best and also provide quality services. Everyone wins with them!

Wrap up;

The above are some of the best UK domain registrars to use today. However, some others offer a lot more than mentioned above.

Just to mention, Truehost will help you reach and grow your milestones smoothly. Their plans are affordable; for $0.99 you can own a domain.

Their service delivery also is amazing. Customer service is always ready to assist and solve issues that may occur. The development team also ensures that security is top-notch.

This list makes it easy for you to choose your registrar. Finding the best can be challenging but as mentioned above consider the features.

Besides, as the client, you know what best fits you. Don’t rush when buying!