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The Registration Of Domain Names In Kenya

Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 09:02 am

Well, today’s article is about the procedure for the registration of Domain Names in Kenya.

Each new day new trends are coming up. Websites are now coming and everyone is creating them.

Websites need a domain to be accessed. Registration of domain names is simple since it’s online.

Notice what technology has eased many things. A few years ago one wasted time and incurred costs before acquiring a product or service.

With technology now you don’t have to move. Get all you need online without having to move from your place.

Service delivery has become instant. People have been able to communicate and transact fast and easily.

Technology has increased reach. It has also bridged the gap between the provider and the buyer.

It has offered flexibility in offering goods and services. It has created a safer way to transact.

Well, also with these have come security concerns. People are complaining about being conned.

Well, there are many malicious people willing to exploit others. These people prey on system vulnerabilities and weaknesses of people.

Before you transact online however one needs to know who they are transacting with. Have a way to validate they are who they say they are.

So before we dive into the registration of domain names; let’s know exactly what is a domain and how it works.

What is a domain?

A domain name can be defined as an address to your website. It’s the name one enters in the browser search bar to reach a website.

A domain should be easy and informative. From a domain, one should be able to know what your site is about.

It’s crucial to choose the best name that best fits your business. A good domain name makes people curious.

Get to know how to choose the best domain name here.

Uses of a domain

As stated a domain is a unique address to your website. Unique in that one domain name can’t be shared.

Here are its uses:

  • Makes sites look professional- a domain name tells what your website is about.
  • They eliminate errors in website access- domain replaces the I.P addresses which might be hard to remember.
  • Create online presence- they hold websites; a website needs a domain to be accessed.

A domain is a crucial tool for online presence. Having a domain makes it easy for Google to access your site.

The cost of a domain

The pricing of a domain varies. Different registrars and hosting providers have different plans.

However, with as low as Kshs. 100 you can own a domain for 1 year. You don’t need to spend a lot on a domain.

Besides, one can always upgrade and get the best domain for their businesses.

Where to get a domain?

These days these services are available online. Also, there are many registers available that offer these services.

Well, here are the best registrars that offer the registration of Domain Names in Kenya.

1. Truehost 

This is a recent company that was founded by Web Hosting and Cloud Engineers in 2020.

However,  it has grown to be the best. It’s now serving both local and international clients.

It has reliable services and one can assure these from customers who have recommended their services.

Their cheapest domain goes for $0.99; while the most commonly bought is: .com.

Truehost also offers:

  • Web hosting services
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cloud licenses such as cPanel
  • VPS and Dedicated servers
  • And many others.

2. Truehost

It’s another competitive registrar and web hosting company. Truehost is customer-centric and understands the needs of a customer.

Registration Of Domain Names: Truehost

They provide the best services that are tailed for all. Startups, established businesses and individuals get what they need.

They have unbeatable prices and ensure you always online. They have dedicated support always ready to help.

The cheapest domain goes for Kshs. 100 which are .xyz, .top, and others. The most common bought is .com which goes for Kshs. 850. The goes for Kshs. 599.

Truehost also offers:

  • Web hosting
  • Domains
  • Servers and VPS
  • Free website creation
  • SSL Certificates
  • And many more.

3. Webhost 

It another web service provider that offers registration of Domain Names in Kenya.

Webhost is providing the best services to both local and international clients. However, they are a bit expensive.

Their cheapest domain goes for Kshs. 690, the .ke. The common bought domain is which goes for Kshs. 980.

Webhost also offers:

  • Web hosting
  • Domains
  • Web design 
  • SSL Certificates
  • And many more.

The procedure to register a domain

1. Visit Truehost home and select domains

2. From the homepage proceed to input your domain name in the search box and click on search.

This tells you whether the domain name is available or registered. It also gives you the pricing of different extensions.

3. Proceed to pick your best extension.

As shown above there are other extensions apart from .com. After choosing your extension proceed to cart. 

Click on Add to Cart; then proceed to checkout.

Configure your domain by selecting all that you need for your domain. Then click continue.

 4. Checkout

This is where you choose the number of years to pay, delete, or also add hosting.

5. Register your account

This is the last step. Once you register your account you proceed to complete the order by choosing a payment option.

That was 5 step registration of domain names in Kenya. Truehost is the best service provider for all your online needs.